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Results may vary from person to person based on a variety of factors.

"My cheeks definitely have a fuller look."

My cheeks definitely have a fuller look. The skin on my neck doesn't look like crepe paper.

- Julie M.

"I think my skin may seem a little firmer."

I think my eye area is starting to improve. I think my skin may seem a little firmer.

- Sandy E.

"Makes my skin looks fresher!"

It makes my skin looks fresher, and may have lessened my wrinkles a little.

- Kayla

"Less noticeable wrinkles."

My skin just looks better. I appear to have less noticeable wrinkles.

- Donna H.

"My skin does not feel or look as dry."

Considering that I have not taken them for 30 days yet, I have noticed that my skin does not feel or look as dry. A few wrinkles appear smaller.

- Sue W.

"I've noticed my skin is even toned, soft and smooth."

After two months of using HydralyftTM, I've noticed my skin is even toned, soft and smooth. I hope to see less wrinkles as I continue use. Love your product and will continue to use. Thank you!

- Anonymous

"I noticed my face looking brighter."

After the first week, I noticed my face looking brighter and after two weeks, I noticed the lines on my neck getting less and less.

- Anonymous

"More fullness in my face!"

I have noticed more fullness in my face and therefore fewer wrinkles. I am not good at taking pills every day, but HydralyftTM is the one I remember to take every morning. I am excited to see what the result of my second bottle will be.

- Anonymous

"My skin also feels smooth and soft like a newborn baby!"

I have always had fewer wrinkles on my skin than others in my age group, but the beginning wrinkles around my neck and jawline are diminishing noticeably and the ones on my hands are gone completely. My skin also feels smooth and soft like a newborn baby...all in my first 30 days of taking HydralyftTM.

- Anonymous

"My skin is looking better and better."

I started taking HydralyftTM around August and the first few days my older brother told me that my skin is really smooth and plump. Everyday since then, my skin is looking better and better. Thanks to HydralyftTM.

- Anonymous

I turned 64 and I noticed my skin starting to sag and look dull. I started taking HydralyftTM. I’ve been taking it for a few weeks. I needed minor surgery and at the hospital the nurse remarked on how firm the skin on my face looked. That’s the first time anyone has ever said anything like that. It felt good.

-Dianne D.

I noticed that the lines around my mouth obviously became unnoticeable and my face is softer. Last week, my friend saw me at the party and told me that I have nice skin. I will continue to use this product. Thank you, Cecilia.

- Jean

This product has decreased the wrinkles of my face and some of the smaller ones have disappeared. I have noticed a whole body skin improvement as well - firmer, tighter.

- Georgia E.

I was very discouraged with other solutions I'd tried. I'm almost 72 and with the 2nd month of HydralyftTM, I've been quite pleasantly surprised. Will continue ordering. Thank you.

- Anonymous

My jowls and skin is not sagging, like it was prior to taking HydralyftTM.

- Anonymous